Q) How often should I have my septic tank cleaned?

A) It is recommended that your system be serviced every two to three years. If you have a garbage disposal and use it more than sparingly, than your systems should be pumped every one to two years. Older homes with small older systems may require pumping more frequently.

Q) How close do you need to get to the septic tank?

A) Our trucks carry approximately 200’ of hose. More hose is available at an additional cost.

Q) The drains are gurgling, what is wrong?

A) In some cases you probably have a plugged main drain line or your septic tank's water level has become overfull & flooded. But, in some cases a vent problem could cause gurgling.

Q) What do I have to do before I get my septic tank cleaned?

A) Good Question! In order for us to service your tank, the lid has to be exposed if it is underneath the ground. We can expose the lid for an additional fee that can vary depending on the depth.




  • Spread out laundry over several days. Doing all of your laundry on one day can put more water into the system than it can treat.
  • Use only biodegradable soaps and cleaning agents.
  • Spend less time in the shower with the water running. Long showers can attribute to excess water usage.
  • If your system has a splitter (diverter) box, make the adjustment to alternate the usage of your leach lines once yearly or s often as needed.


  • Don’t pour cooking or any other kind of oil or grease down the drains or toilet.
  • Don’t put any paints or solvents of any kind down your drains, not even water based paints.
  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet except toilet tissue and what ever you have already eaten. This should be a strict rule.
  • Don’t neglect your septic system. It is your onsite wastewater treatment plant. Having city sewers comes with a sewer tax. While you have the benefit of not paying that tax, you have the responsibility to maintain your treatment plant.
  • Don’t rely on the wide range of septic tank additives to be a substitute for the routine pumping of you tank. There are no products, at this time, that can be used without also periodically pumping the tank.