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Our 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Sewer Services Include:

Our Emergency Flood Response Services:

  • 24/7 Flood Defenses
  • Disposal of Floodwater
  • Removal of Floodwater
  • Undertake The Pumping, Transporting of Floodwater
  • 24/7 Emergency Flood Response
  • Professional Flood Control and Cleanup

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Excavating or exposing underground utilities using hydro excavation is called potholing or daylighting. Since hydro excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive process, it enables underground utilities to be exposed without the risks inherit in traditional manual or mechanical excavation methods. Potholing is also a time and cost saving digging method for the installation of signs, telephone poles, fences and the like.

Slot Trenching

Digging narrow trenches for installing pipes, cables or other in-ground utilities is called slot trenching. Unlike traditional slot trenchers, which can cause serious and costly damage, hydro excavation provides a non-destructive and efficient slot trenching method even on frozen surfaces. Hydro excavation makes it easy and safe to install sprinkler systems, locate underground utilities, and perform similar installations without the risk of damaging previously installed systems or lines.

Debris Removal

With hydro excavation’s precise, non-destructive characteristics, it can be used to remove debris and clean out a variety of structures without damaging the surrounding area. Hydro excavation is also an ideal solution for catch basin cleaning, sludge removal and cleaning up spills.

Exposing Utilities

Since hydro excavation uses water to break up ground and vacuum up debris, it is the safest and most efficient method of exposing underground utilities. It eliminates the risk of damaging buried utilities. Using hydro excavation to expose utilities, which is called potholing or daylighting, ensures that the surrounding material is undisturbed.

Piling Hole Excavation

With hydro excavation’s precision, it is ideal for piling hole excavation. Underground utilities that may be uncovered during excavation are not harmed in contrast to the high risk of damage that exists with using manual digging methods.

Cold Weather Digging

Since hydro excavation trucks are equipped with truck-mounted heaters, cold weather does not deter them from working. Unlike traditional ground thawing methods that use wood and coal, hydro excavation is environmentally friendly and safe.

Remote Digging

When fiber optic cables, telephone lines, water mains or other utility lines need to be repaired or excavation needs to be done in tight spaces or congested, hydro excavation equipment can be located away from the actual excavation site. This minimizes the impact and restoration requirements to the actual site, and eliminates traffic congestion and inconvenience.

Water Jetting For Industrial, Commercial & Municipal
80 Gallons per minute @ 2500 PSI for a continuous max length of 500' at a time.

With our specialized equipment, we are able to provide a range of pressure jetting systems. From surface cleaning and remediation through to hydro-demolition and excavation, we have the capability to undertake a wide range of tasks on an industrialized scale.
Environmental response

Responses to environmental situations, such as oil spills or floods, require industrial sized machinery and an immediate response to effectively clean it up.  Due to the sheer size, capability and capacity of our fleet and machinery, we are regularly called out to attend to environmental disasters and emergency responses.  With 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on call service, we are always here to deal with any situation that requires active, immediate response.

Culvert Cleaning / water jetting

Culvert Cleaning / water jetting

  • Culvert / Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Large Diameter Storm Drain Cleaning
  • Large Diameter Sewer Drain Cleaning
  • Grease Filled Lines
  • Manhole & Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Pump Station Emptying
  • Pump Station Cleaning
  • Pump Station De-greasing

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

We provide thorough management systems and effective environmental solutions to handle industrial projects safely, quickly and efficiently.  We actively seek to understand our customer's requirements to provide successful industrial cleaning and waste management services.

Tank Cleaning

We provide a thorough tank cleaning service to meet the requirements of our clients.  Working together to outline objectives, we aim to provide an efficient, quality service with experienced technicians, highly qualified in confined space work supported by a fleet of vehicles equipped with powerful pumps.

Drainage Maintenance

Whether it is a drain, interceptor, gully or culvert that needs cleaning or servicing, we have the extensive experience and capability in servicing any drainage problem.  We offer services and solutions to every stage of drainage maintenance and servicing, from planning and relaying pipework through to cleaning and assessing the conditions of drains.  We can offer a CCTV system that is used to identify any issues and to evaluate the internal condition of the pipework, providing confirmation and security that the pipelines are in good, working condition.


Confined Space Entry

Our confined space technicians are highly trained and can undertake large projects for commercial, industrial & municipal contractors.  All of our confined space technicians are fully qualified and experienced and are committed to planning and assessing every projects needs and requirements, ensuring all work carried out promotes the health and safety of themselves, your staff and the general public.

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